The Privacy Policy for Visitors applies to everyone who visits the website
1. Management The website is run by Patrick Evers. Contact details can be found on is a trademark of Patrick Evers.

2. Information from visitors
2a Some data arising out of one or more visits to be permanently preserved, but anonymously. The data will never be traced to an individual or organization.
2b provides good security of the stored data. the data provided by the customer are including for the following purposes:

2c Sending one or several mails such as, but not limited to, an email which credentials listed.
The 2d (occasionally) to the attention of a product, tip, skill, etc., which think it can contribute to a more successful website for the visitor.

3. Cookies
3a uses cookies to enhance the functionality of certain pages of the website optimization. Cookies are small text files that a page of the website on the computer of the visitor will be placed. In such a cookie is information stored as certain preferences of the visitor. This allows the visitor your next visit even better service.
3b The visitor can decide how cookies should be handled. It can be browser so that the use of cookies, does not allow or partially allow. In the latter case can be set which websites may place cookies. For all other websites is it forbidden. This option is the most used modern browsers offered.
3c Cookies can always be removed from a computer, again via the browser.

4. Ask
Visitors can use their questions about this privacy policy contact The contact details are listed on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy.

5. Disclaimer is entitled to the content of the Privacy Policy at any time without the visitor is informed thereof. The implementation of the change on the website is therefore adequate.

The Privacy Policy for Clients is a supplement to the Privacy Policy for Visitors and applies to everyone who places an order with

1. Data provided by the customer are the data provided by the customer for the following purposes:
1a The processing of the order.
1b, the sending of one or several mails relating to the ordered, such as, but not limited to, an e-mail in which log data are mentioned.
1c The (occasionally) to the attention of a product, tip, dexterity, etc., which think it can contribute to a more successful website for the customer.

2. Data to third parties
Data used by the customer to been provided to third parties will never be passed. There is one exception to this rule:
2a If a court order has been issued to provide data.

3. Safeguard
The data supplied by the customer provided in a secure environment.

4. Adaptation of customer data
The customer always has the option to modify the data. the customer in such a case ask for the change in a manner prescribed by to pass and in some cases may be required credentials.